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We serve the best Cajun style seafood and steak in town
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Friday January 9, 2009

Louisiana fare for Malaysians


THE state of Louisiana in southern part of the United States is known for its unique culture.

With its heritage from the early immigrants, it is only natural that it translates to its food, too. It is in Louisiana that one can find Cajun and Creole-style cuisine, which refer to the Cajun and Creole natives who had settled there.

“The food is not very American. Louisiana’s cuisine has a lot of seafood, pasta and meat-like steak,” said the owner of Secret of Louisiana Restaurant in Plaza Kelana Jaya, Elvin Goh.

Scenic: The lakefront dining area at Secret of Louisiana Restaurant in Plaza Kelana Jaya.


So fascinated is he that he opened this outlet in June 2008 to serve a range of dishes that are distinctive in the state.

“I was working in Louisiana for about seven years and liked the place and food, which I thought was very special.

“And as it borders the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River, an abundance of seafood is used in the cooking! The mix of Cuban, Carribean and Mexican influences are just amazing.

Goh, operates the outlet with his wife Sharine Chua and it has a laid-back country and rustic feel with use of materials like iron rods, bricks and natural elements.

Special: The Rack of Lamb served honey mustard sauce.

Goh, who is the chef, designed everything in the restaurant ranging from the artistic decor and shelves to the menu.

For starters, Goh served the Original Oxtail Soup, which is oxtail braised and slow-cooked in the chef’s special broth with carrots, potatoes and onions.

It was flavourful.

The second dish was the Seafood Gumbo, which is sauteed and diced assorted seafood with a thick creamy sauce, stirred in herbs, spices and mozzarella cheese and served with garlic toast.

Also recommended is the Seafood Jambalaya (jambalaya means jumbo or combo), which is special risotto rice cooked with assorted seafood, sausages, tomatoes, celery and herbs.

Tangy: Louisiana Shrimps Scampi tossed with prawns and a lot of lemons and tomatoes.

The Louisiana Shrimps Scampi is pasta with fresh prawns, with scampi referring to a type of flavour created with the use of garlic, cajun spice and butter. Lemons and tomatoes are also included.

The Flame-Grilled Rack of Lamb is lamb racks with special seasoning and honey mustard sauce, served with baked vegetables and green salad.

Guests can also enjoy the lakefront dining experience as the outlet overlooks a lake to resemble the location of Louisiana that lies along the gulf and river mouth.

SECRET OF LOUISIANA, Block D-01-01, Jalan SS7/13A, Plaza Kelana Jaya, 47301 Kelana Jaya. (Tel: 03-7875 5230). Business hours: Mon to Sat; 11.30am to 3.30pm (lunch), 5.30pm to 1am (dinner). Sun; Closed for lunch, 6pm to midnight (dinner).


Welcome to Secret Of Louisiana